McKinney, Texas 75071
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McKinney, Texas 75071
Plano, TX 75093

Shower Hardware

Shower Hardware Options

The hardware is the final design touch of a frameless glass shower enclosure. The hardware color and style are normally picked to match the style of your bathroom.  You can add function to your shower handle by using a towel bar handle but most of the clients use a simple 8-inch two-way shower handle.

Custom Handles, Ladder Handles, Towel Bars, Towel Bar / Handle Combinations can all be added to Frameless Shower Door.

Shower Handles Hinges & Clips

One of the great things about frameless shower door hinges is that they are designed to allow the door to swing both in and out. Each hinge and clip has maximum weight and width limitations set by the hardware manufacturer. Our shower experts will recommend hinges that will meet the structural requirements as well as coordinate with your bathroom style and hardware. Special hinges are required for heavier doors or pivot style doors. Hinges & wall clips generally either have either rounded or squared corners. Our glass experts can assist you in choosing a hinge style that will work perfectly for your new frameless shower.

standard 8-inch shower door handle

Standard 8-inch Shower Door Handle

Colonial shower door handle

Colonial Shower Door Handle

sculptured shower door handle 6 inch

Sculptured Shower Door Handle 6-inch

crescent handle for shower doors

Crescent Shower Door Handle

Victorian shower door handle

Victorian Shower Door Handle

mitered shower door handle

Mitered Shower Door Handle

square ladder handle for shower doors

Square Ladder Shower Door Handle

8 inch shower door handle with towel bar

8-Inch Shower Door Handle w/ Towel Bar

Hardware Finish

Due to supply chain issues, we have trouble getting some color combinations and certain hardware. Our team will help you choose the perfect hardware from our available array of finishes and designs to match your bathroom décor, including gold, satin brass, chrome, brushed nickel, satin, oil rubbed bronze, brushed copper, and many more.