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McKinney, Texas 75071
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Frameless Shower Repair & Shower Door Repair

Shower Repair

Your Frameless Shower may need an occasional tune-up to keep looking and operating like new.  With normal use, your glass shower door will experience wear and tear. There’s no way to avoid it. Here are a few common issues we fix with frameless showers.

Shower Door Knocking, Banging or Not Closing Properly

Frameless Showers are made from heavy tempered glass and the doors use heavy-duty hinges that are specifically designed to support the weight of your door. It is not uncommon for the hinges to need adjustment to keep the door aligned with the shower and to operate smoothly. When the door hinge begins to "slip" it will cause the door to bang and hit the adjoining piece of glass. A good shower install will be precise and not leave much room between the door and the adjoining panel, so it may not take much slippage to cause your door to start hitting the shower glass panel next to it.

Shower Door Drags

A dragging shower door likely has the same issue as a banging door. Most often, your shower door hinges need to be adjusted. This could require replacing gaskets, seals, screws, or just re-aligning the door.

Shower Leaks

Shower leaks come from a variety of issues. A little water on the floor is common with frameless showers and is especially true if the curb or floor that door moves over does not tilt in toward the shower. If your shower water drains out to a tile issue, we more than likely can't fix it with our shower team, but can send a tile expert to do the modification.

Shower Leaks We Can Fix

  • Worn out Sweeps under the door that are letting water escape the shower
  • Bad Caulking or caulk that has come loose or been removed
  • Water leaking from the gap on the door hinge side of the wall. (in most cases we can solve this issue for you)
  • Water leaking from the shower in the gap where to door and glass panels meet. (in most cases we can solve this issue for you)


we can fix your frameless shower

The blue tape comes off as soon as the silicon dries and this shower will be stunning and leak-free. At Elite Showers, we use the strongest, mildew-resistant silicon that money can buy. That means your shower will be more stable and the silicon will be less likely to have any issues during the life of the shower.

we can fix your broken frameless shower

Our Shower Repair Service Area

We fix the shower enclosure, we do not fix plumbing or other shower issues.

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Don't want to repair that old shower? We can replace your current shower enclosure in as little as 7 days. Our team will measure your shower, check how level or unlevel your walls and floors are, and then measure and cut glass to precisely fit your shower opening.  When your new glass shower is ready, we remove your old shower and install the new frameless shower.

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