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McKinney, Texas 75071
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Are You Ready Go Frameless

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Are You Ready Go Frameless

Upgrade to all Glass Shower Doors

Are you ready to upgrade to an all-glass Frameless Shower Door?  There are several important items to consider when getting started:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Aesthetics
  • Functionality

There are many independent contractors and remodelers to purchase a frameless shower doors from. However, we strongly recommend consulting with a professional organization that exclusively focuses on Frameless Shower Doors before making the best decision for your bathroom!

Elite Shower Doors in Dallas has experienced everything imaginable along the Frameless Shower Door Spectrum.  Based on our experience, below is a brief list of “Things to be aware of” as you start to consider your new Frameless Shower Door for your Plano, Frisco or Dallas home

1: How big is the opening where glass will be needed? Do you want a pivoting door or a sliding door?

This question is important based on the size room coupled with the look you are going for.

2: What is your budget?

Frameless shower doors offer a wide range of products…all are considered “frameless.”

Sliding doors typically cost less than swing doors.  However, there are some exceptions.

3: How often do you use the shower you are looking to upgrade? Is it a spare bathroom shower or the Master?  Will the upgraded shower be for guests, children, someone elderly?

Each answer could lead you in a different direction.

4: Will the new Shower encloser need towel bars attached through the glass?

These have become the standard in the hospitality industry along with showers used when coming back from a beach or swimming pool.  Having a place to hang a wet bathing suit INSIDE the shower is appealing to many buyers.

5: Is it convenient to run the water before entering the shower?

This activity is sometimes overlooked when purchasing a frameless shower.

This is not a question generally asked but certainly needs to have attention drawn to it.

6: Is there an indication of where the wall studs are located?

Frameless shower doors use “wall mounted hinges.”  If there are no Wood Studs supporting these hinges, it could pose a problem and lead to additional work.

Most companies offer 3/8″ tempered glass which means the hinge side of the door will be secured to the sidewall.  If the wall lacks studs, you may be hanging too much weight off the tile and dura rock only.

This is not a safe scenario as this is a heavy unit that will likely pull the door away from the wall causing an unsafe situation.

In this case, we use a “pivot style” hinge that transfers the weight pull from the vertical wall to the horizontal threshold, creating a much safer experience

7: How thick would you like your glass?

Most frameless shower door outfits only offer 3/8″ thick (10mm) glass even though 1/2″ thick (12mm) is more solid and durable. How the glass is hinged and supported makes a significant difference.

8: Do you want “generic clear” glass or “ultra-clear” glass?

Most companies don’t offer the “ultra-clear” glass because it comes at a higher price, but it diminishes the amount of greenish tint that you see when you use “generic clear” glass.

If you have light color tiles, the greenish tint is more pronounced. Most decorators and designers prefer the “ultra-clear” option.

9: Will multiple showerheads or overhead rain heads be in use?

The angle of the water source is important to identify early in the process.

If the shower is spraying at unusual angles, the location of the door opening is important. An Elite Shower Door professional will discuss this with you when thinking through the right options.

10:  Will the door be mounted on a curb or directly on the floor?

This is an important point to consider.  It determines what type of hinge is used and where the door should be mounted.

In Conclusion:

It’s important to think through these factors as you look to install a Frameless Shower Door in your home.  Elite Shower Doors is licensed, insured, and offers the necessary experience to help think through these decisions.  The ultimate outcome is that a  Frameless Shower will add value and beauty to your home that you will enjoy for years to come!